My Trip to England!

On March 11th 2015 I flew over to England to meet my dear friends from YouTube. I was very nervous going over, only because it was my first international flight, and I was going over to a new country where I knew nothing at all.

I flew out of Adelaide Airport at 10:35pm, this was the beginning of my 13.5 hour flight to Dubai. This was by far the worst flight I have ever experienced. Not because of weather conditions, because I was stressed. Before flying out of Adelaide, I noticed some serious errors with my bookings. Everything was booked a day early.. “major freak out”.

I had to quickly get in contact with the hotel in England before leaving the ground. I was not very happy at this point. Once up in the air I watched a movie, which made me feel very sick. I didn’t sleep at all, so by the time I arrived in Dubai, well, I was ready to hug the ground!

I spent a boring 2 hours in the Dubai Airport, which by the way, is massive! I then boarded my 7 hour flight to London. I was much more excited now! I met a lovely lady on the plane, we chatted and she even let me take the window seat, because I had never seen any of these sites before. Once arriving in London and going through customs, she helped me get a train and a taxi to my hotel. If she didn’t help me I would have had no idea where I was going.

I settled in nicely with London, the first night was a little worrying, but the next day i was up and ready to explore! I grabbed my camera and set out for the day! The things i saw, were amazing. literally thousands of years of culture pouring into my brain! It was amazing!

11026055_10205994753377045_1856410275327180737_n 11062323_10205994752017011_4690251991254423756_n

Once the weekend started, it became real fun! I met some of my friends, friends that i had only ever spoken to online and seen on YouTube! What an experience that was!

1555357_10206030968362397_3965753972606434896_n 11082520_10206030966322346_3710046841296724317_n

This was the beginning of one of the best weekends ever! It was such a blast, we filmed a bunch of videos, went to the M&M store, something i had never seen before! It was truly amazing! This weekend ended a quickly as it started but I wasn’t finished there, oh no, I was on a train to Liverpool then to St. Helens! This is where i met my international best friend! I couldn’t of been happier at this point, we had an amazing week together, along with one of our other good friends! 11076242_10206049027053853_2378145594422647759_n IMG_3041

What a week we had, it was amazing! Our friend James from America even came up aswell, it was so much fun! IMG_2988

When that sad moment came, my time to come home, i was so sad. Everyone that i met and everything that we did was so amazing i didnt want it to end. But that time sadly came. My dearest friend Helen wrote me a card to read once i was on the plane. It was so beautiful the moment i started reading it, i broke into tears.

But now after being home for a couple of months, i still remember the feelings i felt while i was over there. I cant wait to go back! It wont be long 🙂


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